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Stan is having another memorial for Kimberly. Apparently "comforting family" does not include her only daughter Autumn who resides in Hawaii or her only sister Stephanie and brother Mark, two nephews and a neice in California. Not only did Stan Jacobs, Kimberly's husband fail to include her immediate family, we were not even informed of this memorial. It should be a good show, but we don't buy your grief Stan or support you in any way. You have shown Kimberly's recently deceased mother and her true family little consideration or genuine warmth. We are not ready to let go of our precious Kimberly until we have some true answers. How quickly you have erased her in real life but your public ceremonies are nicely staged.

Memorial for Missing Woman Unites Honolulu’s Jewish Community

January 10, 2011, Honolulu – A tribute in honor of missing Honolulu woman, Kimberly Jacobs, will be held on Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 at Reform Synagogue Temple Emanu-El in Nu’uanu Valley. The memorial will begin at 5:00pm, and conclude at 8:00pm. Temple Emanu-El is located at 2550 Pali Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817. More information at or at (808) 595-7521.

“Almost two and a half years ago, Kimberly Jacobs went missing from her home, her family and her life. For many months, friends and family members faithfully worked to find Kimberly and lived in hope that she would turn up somewhere, somehow, and be able to return to the circle of life of which she had been a part.

The time has now come to formally bring to a close that heartfelt search and instead accept, with deepest regret, that Kimberly has left us and will not return. Please join us for this belated but important opportunity to remember Kimberly, to pay our respects to her and the life she led, and to comfort her family and one another as we say goodbye.“ – Rabbi Peter B. Schaktman, Temple Emanu-El, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Kimberly Day Jacobs went missing on the afternoon of Thursday, August 21st, 2008. Her disappearance has never been solved.


  1. What a sham and to not invite Autumn makes me so sad. I cannot close the book on Kimberly Day until her last page is written and only she can write that page.

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    Misty Sims Hansen I'm glad you included the temple's email address, they need to revise their press release and correct their website. Stan is saying goodbye - NOT Kim's family & friends!
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    Beth Profeta I'd go!! and then IF I had money Id put up a billboard right next to his home or place of business!!! Make him remember her everyday!! Praying for Kimberly Day Jacobs and HER FAMILY ! ♥ !

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    Monica Caison Never, ever give up
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    Wendy Heyes What is up with Stan? I think we need a private investigation. We should start a fund to get some answers? Kim is a woman who had a lot of friends and family that loved her. Who has a memorial without notifying the family? I think there may be a big clue here???
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    Sheryl North He knows no bounds! He has no shame!
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    Wow, now he is saying his fourth wife had "mental problems" 3 out of 4. Is there a pattern here?

  4. It seems to me that the family has caused a divide. At a time like this all should come together and work together for Kimberly's sake. Such bitter words from a sister. You should acknowledge that your sister loved this man. You should also have helped her when she was depressed.
    Are these bitter words helping her daughter? It has to be very hard for her daughter, yet she obviously isn't getting any help from this aunt. You should hold your feelings for her daughters sake. She needs support. So Sad. Sister, this isn't about you.

    By the way, I understand that Kimberly's daughter attended the service honoring her Mother along with many others. Many people thought very highly of Kimberly, and attended the service in her memory. They are not giving up on the hope that she could still be alive, but rather honoring her memory. You knew about the service, you wouldn't have to be invited if you were working together to find Kimberly. Where were you?? You should support your niece.

  5. To set the record straight, yes the family did know about the service. However we only knew of it second hand via the internet. Very reminiscent of how I originally heard that my mother was missing, many days later through a voicemail from the detective. Since that day not only my aunt but my whole family has been very supportive and by my side. I find it very interesting that you can say these things with such with such fervor yet not really know a thing. If you were more secure in your in your statements it is hard to believe you would still be anonymous. I went to the service out of my own curiosity, to see what it would be like. And found it to be much like I expected, another staged attempt to look like a grieving husband by Stan. With so much media coverage one would think he could keep his story straight...

  6. I am glad your family has been by your side. You went to the memorial service out of curiosity? Not to grieve the loss of your Mother? I say again, the focus seems to be away from the memory of your lovely Mother.
    You cannot heal with the venom and hatred that comes out in the words of Kimberly's family. I hope you find a way to heal.

    Why hasn't anyone other than her husband tried to get the story out about Kimberly? The media can be used to your benefit, and if finding your Mom is of upmost importance to you, then do something to find her.

  7. Other family has put the word out and investigated leads...we just don't stage it publicly for our own gain. If you knew what we knew, you would be bitter too. Our wonderful Kimberly is gone and doubtful the way Mr Jacobs tries to portray to the public. That is all!

  8. I am truely sorry for what you are all going through. It sounds like there could have been spousal abuse. Was she ever physically abused?
    If I knew what you know then maybe I would undertsand better.

  9. The recent "memorial" was just another of Stan Jacobs' sick public relations stunts. I'm sure the Temple had no idea when it agreed to host the event, and many who attended did so in good faith, not realizing they were being used as pawns in Stan's sick little games.

    Stan never tells Kimberly's family and friends about the stunts he is staging. He fears we might attend and refute his falsehoods. You know how cockroaches flee when the lights go on.

    Stan has been staging sick PR stunts ever since Kimberly disappeared." For instance, there was his fairy tale (for the media) that Kim was alive and just sailing around on a boat for the past ten months and that he expected her to attend that phony "birthday party" he staged (for the media).

    Stan knew it was a hoax. He would have soiled his underwear if Kimberly had walked in that room. But the story served Stan's purposes, and that is all that matters to him. The same with the phony "searches" he staged for tv.

    Since Stan Jacobs repeatedly has made himself (and his relationship with Kimberly) a public matter and he has publicly sought to trash her reputation, it is only fair that we are entitled to respond publicly to defend Kimberly and to set the record straight. It will take many pages to do that.

    Unlike Stan's stooges, I'm not afraid to attach my name to what I post.

    And, to answer the person who asked whether there is evidence of any spousal abuse, the short answer is YES. And lots of it.

    To keep this post manageable in size, I'll write more in additional posts.

  10. To clarify something that I said above. My reference to "Stan's stooges" posting anonymously is not aimed at the person who posted above, inquiring about spousal abuse.

    Rather, there has been a long history of anonymous posts on various websites by persons who seem to be closely associated with Stan. They are quick to disparage Kimberly and her family, and to aggrandize Stan, yet lack the courage to identify themself.

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  12. Wednesday, January 26, 2011
    Jackie Sanders has left a new comment on your post "Stan is having another memorial for Kimberly. App...":

    To expand upon my comment regarding possible spousal abuse, it is my belief that Stan did abuse Kimberly in various ways during their marriage, repeatedly and cruelly, and that this abuse eventually culminated (directly or
    indirectly) with Kimberly's "disappearance."

    Obviously, my knowledge of what occurred is based in large part upon Kim's description of events. I have never known Kimberly to lie to me (and we have been very close friends since she was a teenager and Jimmy Carter was still the President). Nor have I known Kimberly to ever make a false accusation of abuse.

    Many conversations regarding the abusive events took place very shortly after (or in at least one instance during) the event she was describing. Often, Kim was still crying as she recounted what Stan had done to her. This adds credence to her account. There were also some instances when other person(s) were present to witness the event.

    Finally, Kim's account of events is entirely consistent with what I have learned about Stan Jacobs, including my own observations of his behavior.

    Most of the abuse Kim described was psychological, coupled with threats and intimidation, but there is reason to believe the abuse may sometimes have gone beyond that to encompass other forms of spousal abuse.

    For example, during one of the last conversations I had with Kimberly, she told me Stan had sexually "violated" her.

    That is a polite description for the conduct she described. Kim was sobbing, and felt extremely hurt that her husband would do such a thing. I tried to give Stan the benefit of the doubt, as I too often did. I asked Kim if
    there was any possibility it could have been an innocent misunderstanding. She said no, that it was non-consensual and he knew it. (Kim told me some aditional things that helped persuade me that her account of events is accurate, but that information is very personal and I see no reason to share such information publicly at this time).

    Stan no doubt has a different version of what occurred. Kimberly is not here to contest his version directly or to elaborate further upon what happened.

    I mention this incident in part because people have inquired whether there was any physical abuse, but also because it seems relevant. Regardless of what precisely transpired on that occasion, i.e., who did what to who and why-- any quarrel regarding this event, how they treated each other afterwards, and its proximity to Kim's "disappearance," could potentially shed light on why Kim isn't here to tell us personally what transpired that day.

    Whether this was the only incident of (alleged) sexual or physical abuse during the marriage is something I would rather not discuss at this time.

    Though I personally consider Stan to be lower than a snake-- or is that an insult to the snake -- I have strived to avoid saying anything I consider unfair to Stan or that I am not prepared to back up.

    Indeed, it had been a long time since I said anything publicly about this entire matter.

    Stan's deliberate decision to go on television and publicly disparage Kimberly so unfairly--under the guise of a "memorial service" supposedly sponsored by her family and friends-- and Stan's decision to publicly distort these events and his role in them so he can portray himself as her grieving widower, is what has caused me to speak out now.

    By his actions, Stan not only invited but has made it necessary for Kimberly's family and friends to come to her defense.

    Additional details will follow in later postings.

  13. One correction to a poorly worded statement in my prior post dated January 26. It should say only that I suspect abuse could have been a factor that ultimately culminated (whether directly or indirectly) in Kimberly's "disappearance."

    It is not my intent to suggest, as a known factual matter, that it actually did cause such result.

    For now, Kimberly's "disappearance," and the cause(s) for it, remain an open investigation.

    It should also be clear that these are my own impressions, based on what information I have, recognizing that I was not present at many events and am necessarily hypothesizing from the limited data available to me.

  14. My prior comments did not post or were removed.
    I commented that I am not a stooge. I am interested in this story having a personal interest in domestic violence cases. This is a sad outcome of what sounds like abuse.

    I will stay tuned to this web site for future posts.
    Thank you

  15. wow. just recently found out about this. The whole case sounds very fishy. I think pressure should be put on the police to revisit this case.

  16. wow. just recently found out about this. The whole case sounds very fishy. I think pressure should be put on the police to revisit this case.

  17. I have known Stan for over sixteen years. There have been moments where I turned to him for help when I was emotionally beaten down by my husband and when I didn't know how to help myself. He has always answered my calls, been there with a hand to not only lift me up but to keep me steady. Stan has been there for my three children. A very respectful and loving “Uncle.”

    I was there when he met Kimberly, I was there when she went missing, and I am here today to see his continual sense of loss. He describes Kimberly as his fairy tale. I am proud to call Stan my dear friend. And, I can’t understand why people want to call this “fishy” or make comments when they did not have a firsthand account of their day to day interactions. Everybody has the freedom to express themselves – I just ask… please make informed expressions.

  18. I respect your perspective, but I am Kimberlys sister and am privy to her feelings, thoughts, and day to day interactions more than you may know and thus my expressions are informed.

  19. I do know you are her sister... I am sorry for your loss. I hope you can find a sense of peace... I believe from what I know and remember from Kimberly - she wouldn't want this for you and Stan. I am also privy to some of the feelings, thoughts, and day to day interactions. There are also other co-workers of Kimberly that remain close and true to Stan. People who worked side by side with Kimberly; people who listened to her inner thoughts, hearts desires, and most importantly, people who were here present to watch, observe, and listen to both Stan and Kimberly. There was no abuse - but there is a tragedy here. I miss her and I miss her and Stan together. I hope moving forward - there will be only peace and love - as Kimberly would want.

  20. I have moved on. It is a tragedy. There was abuse, mental abuse not shared to "co-workers" I think her mother, daughter, and those privy to Kim's secrets would disagree with you. I understand your point of view, but mine is not swayed. I know what I know and it is what it is. I go forward. Kim is not here but her spirit is. I used to let this whole charade of Stans bother me. It does not anymore. He is what he is.